Pickfit Is The New Hot App On College Campuses

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You just got home from work. It’s not even 7pm, and Becky is already blowing up your phone. Of course you are going to Amanda’s birthday thing at everyone’s favorite spot downtown.

Duh, Becky.

You can’t not go. Your crush will be there, and you’ve been stuck in your office chair for what has felt like an eternity this week.


Now, here’s the fun part: Picking out what to wear.

This deceptively difficult task has you piling up outfit after outfit on your bed. Okay, so that skirt looks amazing with that crop top. But that crop top also looks amazing with those high-waist black pants. And those heels look great with that dress, but you aren’t sure they look right with this purse.

So you take some mirror selfies and text them to Becky….


SOLUTION: Upload Your Selfies To The Pickfit App

SOLUTION: Upload Your Selfies To The Pickfit App

Pickfit is an iPhone app that crowdsources opinions to help you decide what to wear.

So, instead of texting your friends and waiting for a response, you can simply upload your outfit selections to the app and let a wide variety of people decide what looks best.

The app, which I just downloaded to see what the fuss is all about, is really simple to use:

Once you swipe up on an outfit, letting the user know your selection, the app instantly refreshes with another user’s outfit dilemma.

When you want your outfits voted on, you simply tap the hanger icon in the top right corner and choose to “add outfit.”

If you like someone’s style, you can add them to your feed. And you can also add the outfits you love to your “favorites.”

Choose your best outfit selfies and let the votes roll in.

This isn’t just for the college kids. Anyone can take advantage of this app’s simplicity and effectiveness.

My favorite aspect of this app?

Besides the fact that finding the right outfit for any occasion is now way simplified….

You can’t bully or be bullied on the app. There are no comments; just approval.

Because you should look and feel your most #fabulous.

Because you should look and feel your most #fabulous.

Pickfit is a free app and is available in the iTunes store now.

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