Pamela Anderson Urges Former M.A.C. Bosses to Stop Animal Tests

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Pamela Anderson urges former M.A.C. bosses to stop animal tests

< img src="// "alt=" Pamela Anderson prompts previous M.A.C. bosses to stop pet tests “width= “650”elevation =”450″> Thanks to WENN Newsdesk Pamela Anderson has penned a letter in behalf of PETA (People for the Honest Therapy of Pets), appealing to employers at make-up company M.A.C. to resume its cruelty-free policy and also quit spending for pet tests after they broke a dedication to extra pets “agonizing and deadly poisoning tests” by offering items in China, where nearly all cosmetics are called for to be evaluated.

The model/actress writes, “I was extremely disrupted to find out from PETA that M.A.C.;. is marketing items in China, where the firm funds uncomfortable tests on animals in order to meet the nation’s antiquated regulations.

“This has polluted the brand name and also pushed away a number of the business’s longtime allies.”

The animal lover was once a Viva Glam M.A.C. model.

Read the full letter listed below.

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