Girls Are Using Tinder To Get Guys To Send Free Pizza

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Free pizza is always worth the risk.

What happens when a hungry girl meets some “thirsty” guys on Tinder? She gets them to buy her pizza and have it delivered.

Sure, they’ll learn her address (because she’s having them buy delivery) but the pizza is worth it.

It is wrong to have horny dudes give you free food? In this case, probably not. It’s not an easy thing to have a pizza delivered to a specific stranger.

These guys have had ample time to think about what exactly it is they’re doing. Buying food for a girl they just met on Tinder. Clearly, they’re okay with it.

Tinder Games! You know, like The Hunger Games but with a chance of being murdered! …wait. I guess that’s exactly like The Hunger Games, actually.

This horny gentleman totally realizes how absurd this all is, but clearly he bought her a pizza and she’s pretty into it.

Is that… is that two pies with a side of wings AND cheesy bread?! Damn these guys are horny.

This dude is clearly impossihorny, changing the pizza order to sushi at her request. Personal assistant style. Ouch, dude.

Yes, this really happened.

So there you have it. Photographic proof that dudes will do anything for p**** and girls will do anything for pizza.