Woman Told She Can’t Wear ‘Cultural Head Scarf’ to Work Responds in the Best Way Possible

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Source: Facebook/June Rivas

Source: Facebook/June Rivas It might seem quite evident in today’s day and also age that various individuals have various physique, hair, and use various garments depending in their cultural or religious affiliations, which it’s pretty inequitable to require somebody to alter to fit your individual ideal. Unfortunately, some individuals don’t comprehend this and also still attempt to fit every human being into one mold and mildew.

Take, as an example, June Rivas’ manager. Somehow, Rivas maintained being reprimanded for using her hair in a ponytail as well as a scarf. Apart from her hair, Rivas constantly wore suits and also heels to function. She penciled a viral Facebook post that has since been made private regarding her experience.

“So my manager really did not like me using my hair in A ponytail every day. ‘Unprofessional’ nor my hair in A headscarf ‘Unprofessional’ Nor my hair in pigtails. ‘Less than professional’ so I filed a harassment problem against her as our contract states ‘No outfit code. Simply be clean and pressed (sic).'”

The harassment grievance went undetected, though. Also even worse, her boss released a new dress code to all employees.

“To counter, she issued a brand new memo. We currently have a dress code. No (sic) any of over plus no straps, hats, sandals, cleavage, back out, shoelace, or even (and also I price quote) cultural head wraps,” she created. “Uhh …; yeah. (sic) Suit a lot.”

Rivas reported her to the U.S. Equal Work Chance Compensation, yet while she waits, decided ahead into work in a different clothing every day “that fits the standards she outlined …; simply …; not (sic) QUITE the way she anticipated.”

Rivas showed up in various cosplays each day. Examine them out below!

Source: Facebook/June Rivas

Resource: Facebook/June Rivas RivasSource: Facebook/June Rivas

wrote in a remark:”What pisses her off a lot more is coworkers(sic)concerning take pics.”Source: Facebook/June Rivas

Resource: Facebook/June Rivas

Source: Facebook/June Rivas

Source: Facebook/June Rivas Her blog post has been discussed over 20,000 times(since press)and it does not appear like Rivas will certainly be giving in anytime quickly.

Resource: Facebook/June Rivas Resource: Facebook/June Rivas
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