Tea Party For The Policeman Who Saved Her Life

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It’s not each day that you reach see a full produced man having a tea ceremony with a little woman. Just what makes this much more shocking is that the grown guy having this tea ceremony is a policeman, and not her dad. Exactly how did this take place? Well it’s one heartwarming tale, if we do claim so.
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This cute tea ceremony took area in Texas. A 2 year old Bexley has invited her pal, Officer Patrick Ray of the Rowlett Texas Authorities Department, to her tea ceremony in order to commemorate their unique friendship. Her parents additionally employed a photographer to catch this special day for Bexley. As you could see both unlikely good friends look extremely happy together as well as seem to be enjoying the tea event. “However just how did this little girl befriend a cops officer”, you could ask. Well the conditions in which they fulfilled weren’t as beautiful as the tea ceremony you’re seeing now.
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