Rescuers Descend Deep Well to Help Sobbing Dog

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Source: YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited, India

Source: YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited, India Cries from a deep well motivated a group near Udaipur, India to act.

When they showed up, they uncovered a weeping pet that had fallen under the deep gorge. According to a video clip submitted to YouTube by Animal Help Unlimited, India, the group received a phone call of a pet dog dropping into the well outside the town.

“When we arrived we found a heartbroken dog hopeless to be helped,” composed Animal Help. In the video, the group calls the pet dog, “Ruby,” claiming, “Do not stress, Ruby. We’re coming!”

Enjoy the remarkable rescue listed below.

Since being submitted on August 11, the video has gathered virtually 650,000 views. It’s not surprising that. We enjoy when we see others heading out of their means to help animals in distress.

Ideally this canine recovers as well as locates a loving house.