Jennifer Lawrence: ‘I’m Mad At Myself Over Equal Pay Drama’

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Jennifer Lawrence:

Courtesy WENN Newsdesk Jennifer Lawrence angered at herself when she found she gained much less compared to her male American Hustle co-stars because she had fallen short to battle for even more cash

. In November, the databases at Sony Pictures Amusement were infiltrated by cyber criminals and also private emails, individual information, as well as economic details were leaked onto the Web.

The records disclosed Jennifer and her American Hustle co-star Amy Adams were paid significantly much less compared to their male colleagues Bradley Cooper and also Christian Bundle, and also the leak reignited the dispute about the gender pay gap in the motion picture industry.

Lawrence remained quiet on the topic until Tuesday when a post she composed, labelled Why Do I Make Much less Compared to My Male Co-Stars?, was published in Lena Dunham’s Lenny Letter publication.

The flick celebrity confessed she did not request for a greater income since she did not wish to appear “challenging” and due to the fact that she felt she had actually made enough money from her various other projects, including The Appetite Games franchise and the X-Men prequels.

“When the Sony hack took place and I learnt just how much less I was being paid compared to the fortunate individuals with d ** ks, I really did not get mad at Sony. I became crazy at myself,” she wrote. “I fell short as a negotiator since I quit early. I didn’t wish to maintain contesting millions of bucks that, honestly, due to 2 franchises, I do not need. Yet if I’m sincere with myself, I would certainly be lying if I didn’t say there was an aspect of intending to resemble that affected my decision to shut the deal without a real battle. I didn’t wish to appear ‘challenging’ or ‘ruined.’ At the time, that felt like a fine suggestion, until I saw the pay-roll on the net and realized every guy I was working with definitely really did not stress over being ‘difficult’ or ‘ruined.’ This could be a young-person thing. Maybe a personality point. I make sure it’s both …;”

She continued:

“Jeremy Renner, Christian Bundle, as well as Bradley Cooper all battled as well as been successful in working out powerful bargains on their own. If anything, I’m sure they were complimented for being strong as well as tactical, while I was busy stressing over coming across as a brat as well as not obtaining my reasonable share. Once more, this could have nothing to do with my vagina, yet I wasn’t totally wrong when an additional leaked Sony e-mail exposed a producer referring to a fellow lead actress in an arrangement as a ‘spoiled brat’ (sic). For some factor, I just can not envision somebody saying that regarding a male.”