Behold: The Pizza Box Made Out of Pizzas

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Source: Instagram/Vinnie's Pizzeria

< img class ="size-large wp-image-50249"src="// "alt ="Resource: Instagram/Vinnie's Restaurant"width="620" height= "325"> Resource: Instagram/Vinnie’s Restaurant New york city is apparently the location to be if you enjoy food. We have the super delicious rainbow bagels, giant milkshakes that make sure to offer you diabetes mellitus in one resting, and also now pizza boxes made out of pizzas.

The development originates from Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Sean Berthiaume, the owner, told Pix 11 News that he developed the concept right prior to the mid-day lunch thrill when company is normally sluggish.

He stated he was tired of seeing individuals consuming out of cardboard pizza boxes simply to throw them away after finishing. So, out of dullness, he determined to try out an edible pizza box.

The result is absolutely nothing short of outstanding. Berthiaume makes one big, square pizza as well as places the smaller sized, rounder one within.

“No waste 100% (sic) pizza and also 100% scrumptious,” he created on Twitter.

cuts down on cardboard, but this pizza will establish you back $40. While you can order it for delivery, Berthiaume stated he

likes if people involve choose it up as the shipment process can be challenging. This isn’t really Berthiaume’s very first surge to popularity for pizza, however.

Last year he developed a pizza that included pizzas on top of pizza. Tomorrow! GLUTEN FREE FRIDAY at Vinnie’s Williamsburg. Homemade GF pizza â ¡ ï ¸ offered by the piece. Begins at 12 noontime see you soon. @vinniesbrooklyn x @bitchesbeglutenfree

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Either method, Vinnie’s Pizzeria has us like …;

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