Photographer Captures Dogs Trying to Lick Peanut Butter Off Their Faces

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Source: Kickstarter

Resource: Kickstarter It’s no secret that dogs love peanut butter. They’ll lick it off of anything– or at the very least try. Digital photographer Greg Murray understands this all too well. He had the wizard suggestion of not just photographing canines, but photographing them licking peanut

butter off their faces. Murray wished to combine his love for animals as well as photography in this funny project. He’s taken over 100 photos of pet dogs and the material to place in a book readily available on his Kickstarter web page.

Source: Kickstarter “I prefer to make individuals satisfied and also laugh with my digital photography. And also pets, specifically pets consuming peanut butter, take place to be a great source for those two things,” he creates on his web page.

The publication is pricey, yet all of it goes to the cost of self-publishing a premium picture publication, he says.

Murray additionally claims that most of pets made use of are rescue canines.

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< img class =" size-full wp-image-46528" src="//" alt="Source: Mashable"width ="600 "elevation= "400">< p course=" wp-caption-text"> Source: Mashable A pet advocate, Murray writes,”If you intend on going to a breeder, please make certain that you do your studio to make sure that you are not sustaining puppy mills. Likewise understand that there are type certain saves out there. “Precisely, Murray!

Have a look at some of his funny and also cute images below.

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