Hillary Clinton May Have Enough Delegates to Win Presidential Nomination

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Source: NBC

< div id= "attachment_55645"course="wp-caption aligncenter"> Resource: NBC After a lengthy and also strenuous fight against Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, it seems Hillary Clinton has grabbed enough delegates to safeguard the Democratic presidential election, according to an Associated Press record that surveyed delegates

as well as superdelegates. According to the record, Clinton has reached the required 2,383 delegates. Nevertheless, not all of the delegates have actually elected yet. The AP’s report is based only on exactly what some delegates say they will vote at the convention in July.

< div class="code-block code-block-4"> Currently, according to NBC, Clinton has”1812 promised delegates and 572 superdelegates, while Sanders has actually 1520 pledged and 46 superdelegates.”

That could transform today, though, when six states, California, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, New Jersey, and South Dakota, cast their ballots.

Clinton disclosed in a tweet that she is “flattered” to be considered the presumptive nominee, yet recognizes that there is still function to do.